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Consultations are help people meet their health, food, eating and lifestyle goals, and make them stick for a lifetime. Providing the power and the motivation to adopt habits that put them on the path to a healthier future and changes their lives for the better.

1-on-1 Consultation

Current Diet and Lifestyle Analysis

Personalised Plans Based on Goals and Issues

Typically, clients are looking for:

  • Better weight control

  • More energy

  • Improved immunity, sleep, digestion, skin, joints, etc

  • Healthy pregnancy

  • Help to manage food intolerance

  • Advice for choosing and using wholesome foods and ingredients

  • Meal plans and recipes

  • Guidance for fussy eaters; and

  • Many other goals.



Type 2 Diabetes (blood sugar) Management

Hunger and Craving Management

High Nutrient Density Low Energy Diets

Raw Salmon
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